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We would be nothing without our volunteers

WITT is comprised of volunteers and a volunteer Board of Directors whom support community radio in Central Indiana. The Board members are: Jim Walsh, Matt Masters, Paul Dijak-Robinson, Kevin Farrell, Joe Walsh (no, not the rock-god), Angela Walsh and Susie McCormick.

Support has expanded to include individuals involved in the local music industry, volunteer coordinators, graphic designers, public relations professionals, musicians and others that have identified a personal talent to contribute to community radio.

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Who we are

Jim Walsh
Jim Walsh
The Patron Saint of Radio
Joel Wentworth
Joel Wentworth
Joel lives with his wife and four children in the Meridian-Kessler nieghborhood. A love for music that is off the beaten path is what led him to WITT. After working in the yard listening to a radio station that seemed to play everything imaginable, Joel was hooked. He soon felt the need to give back to the station he had come to love.
Chuck Waggoner
Chuck Waggoner
(A Very Long Time Ago)
Matt Masters
Joel Wentworth
The Rock N Rhythm Revue is a 30 minute radio program broadcast on WITT & 88.7 WICR in Indianapolis, and as far away as Montana and New Zealand! The Revue was created by Matt Masters who also produces and hosts the program. The Revue can be heard on Fridays @ 9:30pm & Saturdays @10:30am on WITT – Sunday on WICR from 3-5am and again from 11pm-mid. Visit jettmasters.com for more information.

The Rock N Rhythm Revue showcases the musical period of roughly 1945-1965 encompassing the genres of jazz, blues, jump blues, swing, doo-wop, rockabilly, R&B, rock n roll, garage rock, early British invasion – and well you get the picture – no wimpy malt shop memories, nor other bland pop music of that era – it’s gotta have rhythm and it’s gotta rock.

Each show is theme-based: sometimes an artist or record label is showcased, or sometimes a genre or one song is featured (in its various versions) and sometimes its just a theme we all have in common. The Revue is all about the 3 ‘E’s’……..it enlightens, it educates and, most importantly, it entertains!

Matt began the Revue for his late uncle Chuck Steker and resides in Greenfield, Indiana with his wife Andi, son Jett & daughter Sonnet.


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