WITT Mix all day


WITT Mix All Day


4:30pm…Indy’s Trusted Servant with Danny O’Malia
5:00pm…Another Day of Living from the Good Earth Store
6:00pm…IndyNocturne with Russ and Devon
7:00pm…Rockin’ in the Days of Confusion with The Hermit
8:00pm… Stuck in the Psychedelic Era

10:00:pm…Zionsville Town Council Meeting/ Boone County Monthly


WITT MIX all day


7:30pm….Hogeye Navvy Show
9:00pm….Spectrum from DW
9:30pm….Rock N Rhythm Revue
10:00pm..Dread of Night


10:30am….Rock N Rhythm Revue
11:00am….Living Planet from DW
11:30am….Another Day of Living
Noon………..Speakeasy with Johnny Lava
1:00pm……Jimmy Footman Gospel Time
1:30pm….. After the Naked Truth


WITT MIX all day



Another Day of Living

Our show is about eating well, living well and feeling good. We want to take you with us as we delve into the wide world of health and wellness. Hosted by Alix Litwack.

WITT Radio Museum

Programs your grandfolks listened to. Hosted by WITT.

Hogeye Navvy

Hogeye Navvy is a Celtic/American Folk band that features songs and tunes of sea and river chanteys, canals, the Great Lakes, and more!

Speak Easy

The greatest and the goofiest songs of the ’20’s & ’30’s. Hosted by Johnny Lava.

Rock N Rhythm Review

Showcasing the musical period of 1945-1965 encompassing the genres of jazz, blues , jump blues, swing, doo-wop, rockabilly, R&B, rock n roll, garage rock, and the early British invasion. Hosted by Matt Masters

Dread of Night

Reggae on the wireless. Hosted by Allen Deck

Zionsville Town Council

Weekly Zionsville, Boone County, Indiana Town Council Meetings.