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Doughnuts for Donations!

Announcing “Doughnuts for Donations“!! Your $40 donation to WITT will get you one dozen free – that’s free – doughnuts (don’t call ‘em donuts) from Rocket 88 Doughnuts in Fountain Square. Donations can be made via PayPal, credit-card…or just plain ole’ cash/check. Give us a call at the station, click “Support Now” on this page or simply visit Facebook and click the $upport WITT button and we’ll pass your name along to Rocket 88 Doughnuts where you can visit at your leisure and get one dozen of the tasty circles of joy. Act now while supplies last and we appreciate your support of WITT and Rocket 88 Doughnuts!

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Sad to read the passing of one of America’s great musical treasures – Pete Seeger.  And in his own words from “Get Up and Go”

I get up each morning and dust off my wits
Open the paper and read the obits
If I’m not there I know I’m not dead
So I eat a good breakfast and go back to bed.

RIP – Pete!

On a lighter note, here’s a link to stoke the fire of fun on a three-dog night Tuesday: